Why Choose an Orthodontist in Brisbane When There Are Orthodontists Offering Invisalign?

orthodontist in Brisbane

When searching for an orthodontist in Brisbane it is important to find one that has a vast amount of experience. Research the choices available and speak to others about their experiences. The more education a practitioner has the better qualified they will be able to help you achieve that beautiful smile you want. A professional with plenty of education should also have extensive experience in working with children and adults of all ages. Having performed many orthodontic procedures themselves, as well as being a practicing dentist, will give you peace of mind that the orthodontist in Brisbane will be able to provide you with the best services in the industry.

Perhaps the most well-known practitioner in the city is Dr Gudakunst. He is the founder of the White Horse Health spa in Brisbane, Australia. He has become known as a Melbourne orthodontist who performs white teeth holding teeth whitening tray procedures at the spa. In his opinion, people with crooked, crowded or protruding teeth look more attractive and more appealing to prospective partners. His specialty is aesthetic dentistry, so if your teeth are crooked or not as attractive as you would like them to be, he can definitely fix them.

Once you visit the White Horse Health spa in Brisbane, you’ll be happy to know that Dr Gudakunst offers a free initial consultation. During this time, talk with him about how he feels about your teeth, what orthodontics options you may have and whether or not he thinks you’re a good candidate for these solutions. Once you leave with a full physical examination and a consultation plan, you can determine whether or not this is the right specialist orthodontist for you.

Brisbane orthodontist in Australia has a great deal of expertise when it comes to providing the latest in dental technology. He is responsible for the development of the Invisalign aligners which are now popular in America as well as being used in many other countries. He also developed the Invisalign aligners for kids, which are also gaining in popularity. These orthodontics are now commonly used in hospitals and orthodontists offices as well as in the comfort of your own home. Because of these innovations, it’s now possible to straighten teeth without wearing braces for patients. This convenient locations make it easier for patients to get their braces removed when they’re done.

Dr Gudakunst is not the only orthodontist in Brisbane who utilizes the latest technology. Dr Sankoh uses an innovative aligner system called Invisalign. This technology, which was created in Brisbane, is much more effective than standard braces. It requires the least amount of manual effort as well as eliminating the need for braces to purchase new aligners after every two to three years.

An orthodontist in Brisbane offering invisalign is Dr Sankoh, who believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. “There’s something about having a straight face that makes people feel better about themselves and more confident,” he explains. Because of Invisalign, “brace removal is unnecessary.” Furthermore, “brace wear time is reduced and there’s less trauma to the muscles.” Not only has Dr Sankoh improved the smiles of many patients across Australia, but he’s also opened his heart and mind to offering Invisalign to the United States as well.

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